Garden Design

Whether you seek to create a completely new space or wish to review the planting of a border, my garden design plans and drawings, which are bespoke and individual, will help you achieve your aspirations.


There is an initial free of charge site visit.

After the visit, I will send you a summary of the brief, a quote for a design, and ask you to sign a copy of the terms and conditions if you decide to go ahead.


If it is a large garden or has many levels a professional surveyor may need to be commissioned.

Drawn up to scale the survey will form a base upon which a design can develop.

Final scaled master plan of proposed garden

You will receive a hand drawn colour plan for the garden design with a 3D elevation.  Construction drawings can be provided as required.

Planting Design

A well thought out planting plan can transform a garden adding character whether it is traditional or contemporary.  This service can be part of the garden design service or independent.  I can provide planting plans and plant lists as required.

Constructing your garden

I can make regular site visits to oversee the construction and will personally carry out planting if required.  Appropriate contractors undertake the hard landscaping and other services such as drainage and irrigation.


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